Wait a minute … 101? Why I’m taking a class about stuff I already know

I’m a social media addict.  My LinkedIn profile says so.  Facebook and Twitter updates come to my phone.  I built my own websites based on blog templates.  I operate two blogs.  I’ve integrated RSS feeds and links to my social media pages into them.  Visitors have found my blog through Google searches on the topics I write about, by playing around on Twitter, or by clicking on a link they found about me on another blog.

Yet, I recently began taking a continuing adult education course called Internet Marketing 101.

Most of what I already know about marketing myself on the internet is self-taught, and much of it is intuitive.  I’m close in age to that of the generation that created MySpace and Facebook.  Their mechanisms were ingrained into my fingertips before adults were getting busted on “Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator,” and before morning news shows devoted a special segment to telling viewers how to set their privacy settings so that their photos can’t be used in ads.

The class has two more sessions, and so far I’ve been introduced to only about three concepts I didn’t know existed prior to taking the class.  I don’t feel like I wasted my money; knowing I’m already doing 90% of my internet marketing correctly has built confidence and will help me to help my own clients.

You see, much of what I do to promote myself works without me even trying.  That’s great, but it also means I don’t always know why what I do works, or why it doesn’t.  Internet Marketing 101 is helping me to understand the why.  When you know why a method works, you can repeat it.  And when you know why it doesn’t, you can avoid doing it again.

I’m looking forward to learning more about how to let Research Works work for you!


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