Saving time is invaluable

Last week, I handed the responsibility of filing my local tax papers over to my accountant.  The entire process, including a trip to the post office to mail off the paperwork, probably would have taken me 45 minutes at the most.

Last week, I didn’t have 45 minutes.  In the 15 minutes that it took to give up on reading the filing instructions, throw up my hands, email PDFs of the needed information to my accountant and go to her office to sign the papers and pay her, I gained a greater understanding of the value of my own service.

No one has to be an expert at anything to do it, or even to do it accurately and sufficiently.  When trying to save money, individuals and business owners often decide to be their own accountant, web designer, attorney or copywriter.  But when it comes to saving time, hiring a professional to perform a professional service can be invaluable.

I was too busy to be my own accountant because I was too busy being a B2B writer, journalist, columnist and corporate communications consultant for other professionals whose time cannot be spent, as Gene Fowler put it, staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on their foreheads.  I could have done the tax paperwork myself, but since last week, I’ve committed to shedding my blood, sweat and tears for my own business and leaving the rest of the work to other professionals.

If you want to commit more time to your own business and leave the B2B writing and editing time to someone else, contact us.


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