$50,000 and counting

Research Works is proud to announce that after an intense submission and review process with many delays, the TWO non-profit organizations for which we wrote grant proposals in December 2009 received funding!  The grand total of funds that non-profit organizations for which Research Works has written grants keeps growing.  It currently stands at $48,000.  (Add that to the amount of funding my writing has earned in grants for independent arts projects, and the total comes to $51,200.)*

This is the year for the total and for business to grow.  Do you have local, state or federal grants you need help writing or editing? What about RFPs, bids or business plans?  The funding is essential, but often the work is too time consuming for business owners or executive directors to complete on their own.  Even if you have a minimum of 30 extra hours to reach a tight deadline, will you be confident in the quality of the proposal you’ve written?

Many factors affect the selection process for RFPs and results of proposal writing can never be guaranteed. But the funding total is growing. Now is the time for your organization to grow with it.

Contact us to begin letting Research Works work for you!

*Update 7/27/2010: Since receiving an award from the Kentucky Arts Council, the grand total is now $52,200, and my ratio of grants written to grants funded is 85%.


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  2. Algen

    It is very satisfying if you hear your work is just worth it. Satisfying because you can see the fruits of your hard work. Writing a proposal in not an easy job, as you have said it is time consuming, while you are working with a tight deadline, but at the end of the road, you can see success.

  3. Karen Allen

    We are interested in finding funds for our project. Are non-profits the only recipients of grant dollars? We have a very worthwhile community economic development project and are seeking funds to complete our historic/LEED project.

    Thank you.


    1. Research Works

      Hi Karen,

      No, grant funding is not exclusive to nonprofits. Would you mind going to the “Contact Us” page and sending your contact info? I can give you better feedback that way.



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