Research Works is expanding!

While the mission of Research Works hasn’t changed, its services have been malleable according to consumer need, market conditions and employee capabilities since its inception.  The idea at the beginning was to offer low-cost business-plan writing and statistical market research services to existing small businesses and new entrepreneurs.  As you know from the previous post, Research Works has been successful at writing grant proposals and is considering writing proposals for bids and contracts.  Also, we found a need for writing and editing internal and external corporate/nonprofit communications like e-newsletters, press releases and fundraising campaign letters.  Meanwhile, the capacity to provide copywriting services (including coming up with slogans and writing bios, scripts for commercials, podcasts, and vodcasts, and the type of information you find on a company’s website or blog, or in its brochure) lied within our creative spirit as well.

In an effort to better assist small businesses and entrepreneurs pressed for time and money and to make Research Works the go-to place for a variety of writing and communications needs, we are considering adding website design to our services.  Research Works has been offered the opportunity to partner with Market America Web Centers to produce affordable, custom-designed websites for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.  It is a logical extension of our copywriting services, and it’s more affordable and convenient for business owners who don’t want to go to a graphic designer, copywriter and web developer individually, or to an expensive ad agency or marketing firm for a website.

We had the copywriting experience from the beginning.  Now we have a design team and a large company that produces millions of websites for businesses everywhere to support us and to make the service more affordable for YOU. So why are we “considering” the partnership instead of deciding on it?  We need to know that it’s right for our clients.  We need to know that it’s needed.

To that end, contact us to take advantage of the new service today, or to refer someone who needs it.


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