Why my latest writing award is good news for you

Update 3/27/2011: The white paper on defining your narrative strategy has been out for quite some time now.  Get your free copy here. Want in-person help with using storytelling as a marketing strategy?  Join me and two other professional storytellers on April 14, 2011, for “Storytelling Solutions to Your Marketing Puzzles.”

I had already put it on every social network I belong to, but the news releases have finally been sent, and the headline is in print: I have received an Al Smith Emerging Artist Award from the Kentucky Arts Council for my work in creative nonfiction!

I hear your question: A creative nonfiction writer who owns a research company? And I have three answers:

  1. The Emerging Artist Awards are for artists who demonstrate a high level of excellence and creativity but who are in the early stages of their careers.  So, until I can live off of book royalties forever, I’m owner of Research Works.
  2. For the purpose and mission of Research Works, research isn’t just about discovering new things.  (I pretty much compile facts on wonders that have already been discovered.)  It’s about telling persuasive stories with numbers and facts.  My creative writing may require me to set things in a certain context that I don’t fully understand.  Before I add the poetic language, I need to get accurate information.
  3. Research Works is a research, and editing and writing company, and if you’re a client, news of this award should excite you, too.  As research for my upcoming white paper on defining your narrative strategy, I’ve been reading the book, Believe Me, by business storytelling expert Michael Margolis.  According to Marglois, “The secret to persuasion, influence, and motivation is a formula deeply grounded in storytelling.”  You want to persuade, influence and motivate people to support your cause, buy your product, or believe in your idea, right?  You want to find creative ways to stand out, right?  Well, according to multiple organizations supporting creativity and the arts, storytelling is something I do very well.

Want to know more about how the narrative–that is, your tag line, Web site copy, proposals, commercials, short or long digital videos–can help your business or organization?  Contact me to let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send you an email when my white paper on defining your narrative strategy comes out.


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