Sometimes presentation is everything

After several people downloaded my e-book, Making Your Professional Narrative Personal: 10 Lessons from Storytelling to make the story of your business or nonprofit matter, I received comments like, “This is exactly what my organization needed!”

Well, when I saw a presentation in December about the power of sparkling, sizzling language, I thought, “Now this is what my e-book should have been.”  I sent the presenter my e-book and to my relief, she said, “What a powerful tool for writers and for organizations!”

That got me thinking: Why not put our skills in writing and vocal presentation together and add a web development expert to the mix to take “defining your narrative strategy” to the next level?  On April 14, 2011, our team of three will help small businesses and nonprofits learn the power of storytelling as a solution to their sales and marketing puzzles in print, in person, and on the web.  I invite you to join us.

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