Copy from one, it’s plagiarism.  Copy from many, it’s research.

— Harold Mizner

Do you know how to get the answers that will bring more money to your business or to your organization?

Where do I start?

That’s the question before you any time you look at a daunting task.  Doing some background research before you start on a project can help you.

If you’re writing a business plan, a large section of it is about market research.  Even after you’ve been in business for a while, you’ll want to know about your industry in general, its current trends and future outlook.

If you’re in the non-profit world, or you’re an artist or student, you probably knew that many people and organizations are competing for funds in these challenging economic times, but did you know:

  • There are over 1400 non-profit organizations that have registered with the Kentucky Sect. of State to operate in Louisville, KY?
  • There is a database indexing the information of nearly 100,000 private foundations that lend a total of over 2 million grants to non-profit organizations?
  • There is a database of over 8,500 foundation and public charity programs that fund individual grant seekers?
  • You can sign up for alerts for RFPs and bid requests from the federal government?
  • Do you know how to show that your organization has achieved “measurable outcomes?”  Where to find statistics that prove your organization or business is needed?  Where to find studies that show your program idea will work? How to find out if there’s a way that you could hire employees using money you don’t have to pay back?  What could it be worth if you knew what your business was missing out on?

    A myriad of sources are available to you for finding this information, but do you know what those sources are?  Do you know how to access them for free?  And if you are resourceful, do you have time to do the research? If the answer to any of those questions is no, let Research Works work for you. Contact us.

    Examples of research services offered:

    • Grant and Foundation Search
    • Statistics and Studies Search (searching academic journals for statistics and studies to support your plan for a business or nonprofit program)
    • Case Statement
    • Industry Trend Report
    • Market Research Report
    • Competitor Pricing and Services Inquiry